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Originally from Milan, Eataly he spent several years backpacking to school, being bullied by his chain-smoker friends and growing his fabulous hair. He was chubby throughout middle school, had a Mohawk, wore sandals with socks and was made fun for his soft breasts. At age 19 he moved to the U.S. in order to study art and film-making. Upon graduation from Ringling College of Art and Design, he moved to sunny California where he worked at Pixar and DreamWorks Animation Studios. In 2013 he moved to NYC and started working at Blue Sky Studios, where he currently helps making animated movies. He is often found doodling or otherwise painting.

Imaginears Animation Studio SCAM – Now on Facebook

I created a Facebook page for Imaginears Animation Studio Scam, feel free to like, share, message for additional information about the scam or submit anonymous tips! Advertisements

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Imaginears Animation Studio SCAM – Former Pixar employee, Ken Sullivan to lead Steampunk AL reboot.

On June 23rd 2014 I received an e-mail from a CG artist claiming that Kenneth Sullivan, a former Pixar employee and current associate to the Murphy brothers, contacted him in May of 2014 and hired him to model a CG … Continue reading

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Imaginears Animation Studio SCAM

My name is Francesco Giroldini,  I’m an artist working at Blue Sky Animation Studios. I previously worked at Dreamworks Animation Studios and Pixar. I am also the writer and co-director of  the animated short film “The Monk and the Monkey“. … Continue reading

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Imaginears Animation Studio SCAM – Adam and Antony Murphy demand $10,000,000 in damages.

On 04/25/14  I received a letter from a solicitor hired by Adam and Antony Murphy, claiming that the twins reputation suffered irreparable damage as a consequence to my “campaign of defamation” and demanding not less than $10,000,000 in damages in order to offset their … Continue reading

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Imaginears Animation Studio SCAM

Adam and Antony Murphy first contacted me in March of 2012, under false name (their last name appeared to be “Wormy“) and under false claims of being students (their linkedin states they graduated in 2011). They asked me for some free informal advice which … Continue reading

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